Health checks are one of those things that some owners think can be put aside until the annual vaccinations are due. Think not, a veterinary practice would recommend bringing your treasured pet for 2 health checks yearly in other words a 6 monthly check. This may seem tedious but health checks are a very important. Your pets might not always reveal obvious symptoms of illness and bringing them to the vet allows the vet to fully assess them in all aspects.

They may ask for a urine sample from your pet to check for things such as diabetes, early signs of kidney disease or signs of infection. The vet/nurse should carry out a full health check from nose to tail checking for parasites, unusual lumps/bumps, body condition, skin and coat condition and all over health of your beloved pet.

Dental checks

Dental disease is very common in our cats and dogs, health checks allow the vets to continually assess this and decide whether they need to be brought in for treatment and cleaning. Dental care is particularly important with our more senior cats and dogs as dental disease can not only cause pain, but could also lead to problems with their internal organs thanks to the nasty bacteria the diseases can create.

Many practices recommend you brush your pet’s teeth, you can purchase dog and cat friendly toothpastes and small toothbrushes for each species from your local vets. This will help to keep the tartar from building up, and your pet’s mouth healthy. We recommend brushing daily and if not every other day.

Weight checks

During the check the vet is likely to discuss your pet’s weight with you. Obesity in dogs is becoming a more common problem and can sadly lead to many more serious issue like joint pain, arthritis, risks from anaesthetic and surgical complications, heat or exercise intolerance, complications from cardio-respiratory disorders, hormone problems, skin disease, cancer, urogenital disorders, even early death.

So keeping your pet at a healthy weight is vital! If you do find your pet struggling with losing weight, many veterinary practice do weight loss clinics with lots of helpful tips to drop the weight and continual support until they meet their ideal size. Bringing them in to do regular weigh ins on the scales can give you that push to keep trying and get them to the goal weight! Giving you a healthier, happier and more comfortable pet.